The College of Engineering was opened in (1968), when the University of Sulaimani was established. The School started with the Department of Civil Engineering, which admitted 44 students for the first academic year of (1968-1969). In (1974-1975), the Department of Electrical Engineering was added to the School. The number of students was steadily increasing throughout the years that followed. By (1981), 
    1451 students graduated from the School. At that year the University of Sulaimani was closed and transferred to the city of Erbil under a new name, University of Salahaddin.

    The University of Sulaimani was re-established in (1992), and the School of 
    Engineering was re-opened in (September 1995) with the Department of Irrigation Engineering.Then the Building Construction Department was opened in (1996-1997) followed by the Department of Architectural Engineering in (1999-2000). After that the Department of the Electrical Engineering was opened for the academic year of (2004–2005).

    The mission of College of Engineering is to produce well-qualified engineering graduates who are ready for immediate and productive entry into the workforce or for graduate studies.  The college does so by providing practice-oriented education based on laboratory work principles and applications.

    Our vision is to be a world-class College regionally, nationally and internationally  recognized for its leadership and excellence in teaching, research, creative expression, community engagement and service . We will build on our existing strengths to become the leading engineering college in the region and the destination of choice for students and college staffs.


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