The Dean

Message of the College of Engineering's Dean 
پەیامی بەڕێز ڕاگری کۆلێجی ئەندازیاری 

    Dear colleagues,
    Dear students,

    It is known that through science and knowledge, one can improve him/herself in order to face the daily life challenges and be able to reach the right position/rank in the world.

    The practice of "Engineering" means it's a profession (service or creative work) in which knowledge of mathematics and natural sciences that is gained by study, experience and practice, is applied with judgement to develop ways to use, economically, the materials and forces of nature for the benefit of mankind. Thus this profession includes the following:

    (1) Consultation. (2) Investigation. (3) Evaluation. (4) Planning. (5) The design and supervision of engineering works and systems. (6) Manufacturing equipment. (7) operation and maintenance of engineering systems.

    Therefore, reaching our goal cannot be achieved without hard-work.

    I would like to present some points that will hopefully guide students toward greater success:

    1- Student must believe in their high self-esteem within their society, and that they can be the means to create a better future.

    2- Students should realize that without gaining knowledge through science, they will not have an effective and realistic impact within the society.

    3- Students should be patient throughout their study in order to fulfill all of their degree's requirements.

    4- Engineers are known to be leaders in their professional job, therefore our students should develop an independent, self-confident, continuously learning personality, and also be an initiative and critical thinker.

    5- Students must respect their teachers. They should develop a close professional and academic relationship, in order to obtain as much knowledge and skills as possible.

    6- An engineering student must be able to define problems related to engineering and solve them scientifically, practically and economically. Therefore, it's important for the student to know how to research scientifically .

    7- It's important that students should respect their university and faculty, and show their appreciation and respect years after graduation.

    8- Engineering students should be social, cooperative and able to work within teams.

    9- The teachers and students should work together in order to create a respectful and interactive academic environment.

    Finally I wish you all the success.

    Dr. Asso R. Majeed
    Dean of College of Engineering

Dr. Asso R. Majeed Dean of Faculty of Engineering

Dr. Asso R. Majeed

Dean of College of Engineering