Course length: 4 Years (8 Semesters) leading to a BSc. in ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING

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It is required for the Electrical Engineering candidates to pass all the four-year classes to get a Bachelor degree. All the necessary and fundamentals materials are offered in the first and the second year classes, like Math, Electrical circuits, analogue, and digital electronics, computer skills, and Technical English. Specialized courses are offered in the third and the fourth classes like Communications, Power, Machines, advanced electronics, and control. Graduation is fulfilled by submitting and defending a Bachelor thesis specialized in one of the aforementioned fields.

The Bologna process system of study will be followed in the department.

- Total overall number of Credits/Semester = 30 ECTS

- Each academic year consists of ( 30 ) studying weeks (2 Semesters)


The Electrical Engineering department is the best place to get knowledge and to develop a professional career. The lectures provided by the department will give the seekers the theoretical grounding they need. The engineering problems faced the students in real world have been dealt and will be solved in the department laboratories.

In the first year, the student will be provided with enough tools, technologies and working preparations to adapt to the new environment. The students’ basic skills in the field of electricity, computer, engineering drawing will be enhanced here. Principles of Math, Circuits, electronics, Mechanics and language skills are provided in theory. These principles will be widened in the second year to include other Electrical fields in digital, analogue, numerical analysis and the theory of Math and Circuits.

Electrical Engineering application in the real-world will be studied in the third year through the courses of Power, Machines, advanced analogue and digital electronics. The theoretical analysis of advanced mathematics and communications are part of the courses. Students have to take a mandatory summer internship of at least one month from the third year study. Advanced courses are taken in the fourth year study in the fields of Communications, Power, Control and Computer hardware. Through the year the students have to do a graduation project in any speciality they prefer. The degree is provided to the students who pass in the fourth year and submit the graduation thesis and defended it successfully.


To get the Electrical Engineering B.Sc. degree the students have to pass through all four years of study. Each subject will be assessed individually throughout the academic year. During regular classes, homework and quizzes are taken until the mid-term exam where a hand-written exam will be held for all the students. After the spring break, a regular assessment will start again followed by the final-term exam. All the previous marks gained will be accumulated to be around 40% to 50% (depending on the type of the course) of the course final assessment. In June, final exams will be held which will be assessed from 60%-50% (depending on the type of the course). Exams at the laboratories are held separately from the theoretical courses and they're assessed from 100% as well.