On behalf of all of the College of Engineering’s staff, I am pleased to welcome you to the next journey in your lives, as all of you will be seeking higher knowledge and the necessary skill required to kick-start your future careers.

University life is definitely a lot different from your previous stages of study, as you will be participating in classes and activities that are unique to our expertise. Moreover, in times you will be working with groups of students each from a different background and possibly different culture, that will help you to understand more of the world around you and form special bonds of friendship with them, that will definitely be an aid to you in trying times throughout your studies and hopefully your future.

Some of the best engineers and architects in our beloved city of Sulaymaniyah have studied with us and graduated with exceptional skills, each helping to shape, develop and improve the city in different manners. Our college also has many professional relationships with specialized engineering firms and companies that we collaborate with often in regards to the many different problems and issues that appear in our city, with the aim of overcoming them and improving its functionality and aesthetics.

Our college offers four unique departments that each extensively studies different parts of engineering (which are civil, electrical, water resources, and architecture). Each of our departments provides a unique experience with its own unique atmosphere that will help students develop their capabilities as well as their own personalities throughout their study. In the (civil, electrical and irrigation) departments a 4-year study Bachelor’s degree (BSc.) is offered, while in our architecture department it is a 5-year study. Postgraduate studies are also offered (MSc and PhD) after students finish their undergraduate courses that further improve their knowledge and capabilities as it offers them a more focused study on very specific engineering topics.

In the end, we would like to invite you to explore our college’s website to get additional information on our departments, course programs, and offerings, and learn more about our staff members and alumni.